Dr Mark Grixti

Dr Mark Grixti

Chartered Clinical Psychologist, EMDR Consultant, Brainspotting Trainer

Mark is a Chartered Clinical Psychologist, systemic therapist and EMDR consultant based in Sussex, United Kingdom. He is qualified and experienced in both child therapy and adult therapy. Mark specialises in attachment, abuse, and complex trauma. He is a university lecturer, facilitates group programs and supervises Clinical Psychologists and therapists from related disciplines. He also provides consultation to Health, Education, Media and Social Care institutions. Mark’s humanitarian work includes consultation to psychiatrists and therapists providing therapeutic support to Syrian refugees in camps based on the Syrian/Turkish border.

Mark was trained by David Grand, the founder and leader of Brainspotting, and following advanced trainings and consultations, David appointed Mark as UK Brainspotting trainer and coordinator. Mark’s enchanting illustrated book introducing and explaining the use of Brainspotting Therapy in a family friendly way is now available and titled: Brainspotting for young people: An adventure into the mind (2015) – Foreword by David Grand, PhD.

Website: www.bspuk.co.uk/trainerswww.specialistpsychology.co.uk/

Email: mark@specialistpsychology.co.uk
Tel: +44 (0) 7900 275077